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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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mike: terror attack in the airport. bombs going off in brussels. more than 30 dead, many more hurt, a kentucky family trying to connect with loved ones, still unaccounted for. u.c. students visiting belgium are safe, but way too close for comfort. >> that' s something that' s terrifying when it could have one of us. tonight, the deadly violence, and how the world is reacting. >> wlwt news 5 starting now. mike: a country in mourning tonight. and people all over the world are showing their support for after terror attacks killed at least 30 people, and injured hundreds more. i' m sheree paolello. mike: and i' right now a suspect may still be on the loose after the series of coordinated deadly terror the explosions hit the brussels airport and another ripped belgian capital. right now, the death toll stands at 34 between the two sites. isis claimed responsibility. officials in brussels say. three men may have been behind
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sheree: a manhunt for the man seen in the 10 jacket. police say he left the airport shortly before the attacks. the other two men are believed to be suicide bombers and died in the explosions. >> you' re just running, jumping over people so to say. across there was an open area but after the second one you hear screaming and it' s just a war zone. mike: into the night police raided locations in belgium. include a nail-filled bomb, chemical products and an isis those items came from a single house in one belgian tonight the people behind the attacks may be on the run. sheree: while law enforcement works around the clock.
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held for the victims. one powerful tribute happened tonight in paris. hundreds of people gathered outside city hall to observe a moment of silence. parisians say they empathize with the people of brussels who are suffering through attacks similar to the ones that hit paris in november. killing 130 people. right now for one family in kentucky the wait is agonizing. mike: they' re desperate to hear from a young couple at the brussels airport. they were there around the time of today' s attacks. wlwt news 5' s emily wood reports on the growing concern. emily. reporter: family members of stephanie and justin schulz have not seen or heard from them since they dropped stephanie' s mother off at the brussels airport this morning. >> when the explosion happened we don' t know for sure if my niece and her husband had been able to get out of the airport or if they were still in the airport at that point.
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members, the mother is ok but they cannot reach her daughter stephanie or son-in-law justin. stephanie went to high school and college in lexington. the couple moved to belgium in 2014. >> but all they can really do is go from hospital to hospital looking at the list of people that have been identified as injured, we do know they' re not on the casualty list yet or they' re not on the casualty list as of this point. emily: the family says communication continues to be sporadic and they hope to hear one way or another very soon. sheree: for the families of 21 university of cincinnati students the anxiety is now relief. that group is safe in belgium tonight. wlwt' s tammy mutasa talked with one of those students this evening along with another student who just got back this weekend. tammy?
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tammy: sheree. uc students were about 30 miles away during the attacks, but they' re still processing how close they were to the devastating danger. explosions. then carnage-chaos, and confusion these are the horrifying moments in brussels. just 30 miles away from the terrorist attacks a group of uc students are studying abroad in antwerp. >> that' s something that terrifying when it could have one of us. when it could have been us in danger. bri tyler is one of those business students- she just left the trip early and arrived in cincinnati on saturday. >> i am happy that i was home, but i am worried about my friends that are still over there and i immediately wanted to get in contact with them and make sure they were ok. tammy: 19 students and two faculty members were supposed to visit parliament and the p&g office in brussels today. but the visit was canceled. >> they' re kind of on lockdown and they' re safe and in their
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re not allowed to use public transportation at the moment but they are safe. tammy: uc student david verchick is doing an industrial design co-op in antwerp. >> i didn' t see it coming. reporter: he says police surrounded the train station there. >> that was shut down evacuated, it had people kind of nervous not sure why it was evacuated we didn' t know if it was just an extra security caution. >> who thinks that something like that would happen. tammy: i' m told the group will be in belgium until friday. right now there are no plans for students to cut their trip short. reporting live at uc tammy mutasa wlwt news 5. sheree: the flags outside the belgian embassy in washington, d.c, are flying at half-staff after today' s attack. president obama has ordered all american flags to be flown at half-staff. through saturday, out of respect to the victims in brussels. here at home, the tribute is in
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the cincinnati sign at duke energy center is lit up in the colors of belgium' s flag. the city of cincinnati also tweeted out the message tonight we stand with brussels. mike: a local woman studying in brussels was actually inside the airport at the time of the blasts. and scrambled to find a bathroom to shelter in. >> some people thought that the loud noise was like a car crash outside. some people said they thought it was a machine that exploded. mike: alison is a notre dame academy grad, and is now studying for her masters at a university in brussels. she had just gotten off a flight from switzerland, when the attacks happened. after some time, alison made her way outside the airport, and was able to see the damage. >> and so i think then, that affected me the most, knowing that there were direct victims from that terrorist attack and feeling very lucky that i wasn' t one of them. mike: alison says she is studying international migration to help people from different
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and keep tragedies like this one from happening again. sheree: these terror attacks. have once again shifted the focus on security here at home. the fusion center. is our eyes and ears. it' s one of 78 anti terrorism centers across the country that monitors potential threats. local officers work with the fbi and cia and share information. but agents tell us no matter how much they do there' s nothing better than your instincts. >> this is a free country and as vulnerable, so it' everyone' make sure we' re safe. sheree: their message if you see something suspicious, say something. u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell from kentucky, spoke about the attacks during an event in louisville. mike: he' s calling on president obama and washington leadership to take an aggressive fight
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mitch mcconnell: this is not going to go away until we organize an effort to take out and that' s not going to happen without u.s. leadership. i wish the president would step up, lay out a plan and go in and take them out. mike: we' re staying on top of the attacks, on air online, and and when you' t.v.. you can keep up with the new developments on and our mobile app. mike: sheree: -- sheree: new tonight a teenager is recovering unanimously approved a needle exchange program to fight the the health department. will hand out clean needles at the saint elizabeth covington campus. the program hopes to cut down hepatitis rates among drug users. keep contaminated needles off the streets. and connect addicts with kenton county' s fiscal court will take up the resolution next week. mike: a guilty plea from one of the men charged in a springfield township murder. rodney hayes pleaded guilty to complicity in the death of leroy
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the 45-year-old was found shot to death in may, in the bushes behind the burney view apartments. maceo feltha and ceejay larkins are also charged. feltha is charged with murder, larkins is charged with complicity. their cases are scheduled for trials in may. sheree: a louisville mom will be in court next week on wanton endangerment charges. after police say her 2-year-old son shot her. police say jessica barkley left the gun in her nightstand, where the little boy could get to it. police say the boy found the 9 millimeter and shot his mom in the stomach last month accidentally. barkley has now lost custody of her son while she faces charges. >> i wondered how the child, at 2, got to the gun; why would the gun be visible for the child to get to at all? sheree: barkley is not in police custody right now. her family is not commenting on
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mike: the high school, where a fallen indiana deputy served as a resource officer, will host his final arrangements. howard county deputy carl koontz worked twice a week at northwestern high school for the past two years. deputy koontz and sergeant jordan buckley were both wearing body armor when evan dorsey shot them on a warrant run. buckley left the hospital yesterday. the visitation for deputy koontz is set for monday afternoon at northwestern. followed by the funeral the next morning. union terminal construction project tonight as the museum center prepares for a major overhaul. bids are coming in, for the construction project. it' s expected to cost nearly a quarter billion dollars. they hope to get started this summer, and finish by the fall of 2018. side museums. the omnimax, and part of the lobby will be shut down during construction. mike: cincinnati zoo' s newest animals now have a surrogate parent. the mother of the cheetah cubs, who were born premature two weeks ago passed away last week weekend.
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stepping in, nursing the 5 cubs. the zoo says she will provide cuddling and a body to climb on for the babies. blakely has also nannied for several other zoo babies. sheree: video of the night right there. jerry springer up close and personal, with somebody touched by the terror attacks. >> and as i understand it, was in the airport when the bombing took place. mike: tonight we stop jerry' s podcast in northern kentucky, he talks with a woman who saw it all happen. kevin: after seeing wind gusts of around 40 miles per hour, winds of certainly subsided tonight. they will things on the mild side. i will let you know when rain will come with a full forecast. sheree: and the teddy bear drug deal.
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sheree: we continue to follow breaking news out of brussels. right now, police are conducting several raids around belgium, after this morning' s terror attacks, at the capitol' s airport, two explosions there and a another at -- and another
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at least 34 people have died hundreds more were injured. isis has claimed responsibility. a search is underway for a man seen on airport surveillance, that police believe is linked to the attack. -- and got away. tonight we' re hearing from more witnesses to these attacks. on jerry springer' s podcast. that he does every tuesday night in ludlow kentucky he interviewed a woman who flew back to brussels, after visiting new york city. cheryl miller says she was heading to baggage claim with the explosions happened. >> just suddenly we heard a huge explosion and everything started rocking and shaking and dust and smoke flying everywhere. everyone running for cover. and yeah i just high-tailed it out of there. mike: cheryl is grateful she had issues with her passport when she first got off the plane. she fears without that issue, she would have been closer to the blasts. now to a plot to send illegal drugs through the mail, but it was shut down, an ohio clerk' s
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s intuition helped spoil a man' s plan to ship drugs in this toy. >> kind of odd that they just wanted to ship a teddy bear. sheree: a cuddly, pink teddy bear columbus area police now know was filled with more than just stuffing. hidden inside was liquid codeine. you can only get it with a prescription. >> we have no idea where it came from. this bottle was not labeled for prescription, it wasn' t issued by a doctor. it' s not something that somebody took from their mother. sheree: police were tipped off about the smuggled pain killer by an unidentified clerk who works at a nearby shipping business. she thought something was a bit strange when a man came in asking to send the toy to memphis, tennessee. >> she noticed it was heavy and it seemed odd to her. just as things went along, he was giving bad information for his address, she was just very suspicious. sheree: when that clerk ripped open the bear, she discovered a pint sized bottle, similar to this one, filled with codeine. whitehall police say they don' t have a good description of the guy, who wanted to ship the teddy out of state, and
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delivery service turned out to be bogus or nonexistent. detectives believe the man could try this again, so columbus area shipping and delivery services are on alert. mike: now to commitment 2016. it' s another primary and caucus tuesday. today, three states making big political decisions, arizona, utah, and idaho. in idaho, only democrats voted. in arizona, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders, 41% of the votes are in. donald trump is leading on the gop side. with the -- 39% reporting, he is a 29 percent lead on ted cruz. the candidates are still campaigning for the last-minute votes. hillary clinton: some of my components want to build walls
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does the wall of the be to keep the internet out? that is not the world we live in any longer. mike: there are 98 republican delegates up for grabs. there won her 31 -- there are 131 delegates for democrats. sheree: joe biden stop by for -- in cincinnati today. he attended an event for former ohio governor ted strickland who' s running for the u.s. senate. and he had plenty of extra security on hand at the westin downtown. we' re told he did not address the brussels attacks. also today, indiana' s governor signed a bill to repeal the unpopular eye-step tests. a panel of teachers and experts will now study and make recommendations on a replacement for the state standardized test. governor mike pence says the new law will give teachers and principals a bigger say in state
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mike: a very special day for the tuskegee airmen. the group of first african-american pilots to fly for the military were founded 75 years ago today. one of the legendary airmen was honored in frankfort. 89-year-old frank weaver gave -- was given a resolution thanking the world war two air corps. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: it was a nice spring day around here, earlier this afternoon it looks like we' ll squeeze out all more nice one. it is going to be a mild overnight. as a matter fact many of us will be hard-pressed to drop below 50 degrees. you' re already going to get off for a low -- mild night. thursday does look relatively wet around here. do not expect to enjoy too much time outdoors on thursday. as of now, as the timing plays out it looks like we are going to squeeze in most of easter
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most of easter sunday does to as of now. earlier today we had wind gusts up there near 40 miles per hour. they have subsided. but there is still a pretty decent breeze. the breeze between 10-20 miles per hour. that is helping keep temperatures up in conjunction with some clouds. most areas are still hovering around 60. again with the breeze overnight tonight, do not expect temperatures to fall too much further. here is a live look outside right now. it will be a quiet night. it should be quite wednesday two. -- it should be a quiet wednesday as well. high-pressure in charge. we see plenty of cloud cover across the area. if anything tomorrow we will probably see an increase in clouds. it will probably not be as
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it will still be mild and breezy. futurecast , very quiet. other than some passing clouds tonight, we' ll see those plastic and up. it looks like ill be dry most of wednesday night and by thursday morning, expect rain to be moving into the area. i am a little concerned we may see some stronger storms. -- on late thursday afternoon and evening. especially the south and east of metro cincinnati. it will turn a little bit to the chilly side. a brief cooldown thursday night into friday. 49 for an overnight low tonight. it will be hard-pressed to fall much below 50. tomorrow there will be a high in the mid 60' s. 51 at 8:00 a.m.. at lunchtime it will be in 60' s. here' s a look air seven-day forecast.
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cooldown thursday night into friday. after a chilly start on saturday, we climb back close to 60 on saturday and into the mid-60' s on sunday. it looks like it will be drive for those easter sunday services. on sunday night it looks like rain will get in here. mike: donald trump ' s' s projected to win on the gop side and hillary clinton projected to win on the democrat side. mike: don cheadle will be sitting down with jimmy fallon. miles ahead. cheadle played the legendary myles davis. sheree: is no news may be good news. baseball fans anxious to learn
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mike: it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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george: the latest out of las vegas still has unlv gunning for
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a report the las vegas review journal says the unlv board of regents at is considering a contract that would pay over 2 million a year. by no means with that translate to mick cronin taking that job. brandon bender deals a lot with canadian players and potential uc recruit marcus ottey, and bender says he is convinced mick will stay put, but of course, stay tuned. a report out of pittsburgh said the pitt panthers were making a run at former xavier coach sean miller, but miller shut that talk down immediately and said he will remain the head coach of the arizona wildcats. a list of candidates for the opening at wright state is emerging xavier assistant travis steele is believed to be a possibility, he has also been mentioned for the western kentucky job others talked about for wright state include ron hunter, travis ford, and ohio state assistant jeff boals. pitching prospect cody reed was
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keeps doing his thiing, we will see him in cincinnati later this as part of our spring training ll see how alfredo back with the reds. and this says simon was terrific but the final score was in. -- was not. he pitched three perfect innings cozart was 2 for 3 with an rbi, but the reds fall to the cubs 9-6. he is filling some big shoes the season. j.j. hoover is the man that has the unenviable task of replacing aroldis chapman hoover has been in the reds system since being acquired in a trade with atlanta and it didn' t take long for the reds to start training him for this closer role. in mind. england from a starting role with the braves in 2011. i' been progressing.
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i' ve had a few shots at it in the big leaks -- big leagues. george: so far hoover is putting together some good spring. 5 and 2/thirds innings. has not allowed a run, and 5 strikeouts. not a bad spring at all. it' s been quiet for the past several days for the bengals they still have 4 free agents that are unsigned here they are, including their age hall, nelson, and gilberry have all
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sheree: sheree: right now police are conducting several raids around belgium after several terror attacks around the capital new the airport and also another at the subway station. a lease 34 people have died, hundreds were injured. isis has claimed responsibility. please believe the man in the
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mike: a lexington woman says that they cannot reach her niece or the nieces husband. they were dropping off her mom for a flight to the united states in time for these ocean, stephanie' s mom is ok. sheree: more than 30 students from the university cincinnati were ok today. they were supposed to visit parliament and the png office -- procter & gamble office. they will be there until this coming friday. kevin: it looks like we will squeeze out or more nice state
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mike: [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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